Simple Tactics to Succeed on AdWords

Since Google is changing its advertisement policies time-to-time and its algorithm for organic search, competition is increasing day-by-day and becomes tougher for relatively low knowledge professionals.

This post is not about the people who are solely depending on the professionals, with expertise, and taking their services. I am going to educate those who are paying enough attentions to their own campaign or the newbie in the consultancy services and do experiments on various marketing tactics.

Make Provision for Enough Marketing Budget

Unlike organic SEO you have everything measurable and certain in PPC campaign. Therefore, you have figures to decide whether you are gaining or losing. If at first glance you see that you are not gaining much on short-term expenditure, don’t get disappointment, but put figure for long term investment and take a broad picture for more than one year period.

If you create strong foundation at the beginning by fully optimizing your campaign for CPC, CTR, and margin at micro-level you will have greater return with big budget. Thus, spending less and expecting high is sometime not feasible in this competitive market.

Bet on Quality Score

Google is offering the best services for marketer and quality score rated for advertisers are one of such services. Reasons are obvious because quality score estimate the relevancy of your advertise first. If your ad does not have relevant keywords and landing page, they show low score. Therefore, you need to improve the keyword research at first place for your landing page and your ads and establish a straightforward relevancy.

If you think of your landing pages, you need to improve its overall performance with the help of designers by creating eye candy designs, content writer for quality content, UX professionals for best user experiences, and programmers for good quality code with most optimizations. Thus, your strong fundamentals will reward you for long.

Take Mobile First Approach

Today we are witnessing some big changes on the user devices landscape. Gradually, big devices like desktops and laptops are setting back and people love as well as use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets much. This is natural because people love freedom and mobility. Thus, you have more chances to see your ad on mobile than other devices if you have mobile friendly ad created in advance.

Another direct benefits of mobile ad is that you can use click-to-call ad features in favor of certain niches, particularly which are offering instant and essential services like booking flights, hotel, or accessing answering services for prompt information. You can win on click-to-call ads if you have setup helpdesk services effectively.

Don’t Go Alone

Sometime we are betting on only AdWord or only Facebook ad campaign and expecting higher. According to my experiences, this is not a good practice because logically social media is the platform that establishes you as an authority by showing more likes and more share of your content or links. If you run both campaigns in an alignment, you will have positive impacts of your social media campaign on your Google ad campaign and on your organic SEO campaign too.

Thus, carefully plan your AdWords campaign along with SMO or SEM campaign and leverage double benefits of your investment. Another tactic is to win ad campaign is to use latest features of Enhanced Sitelinks where you can diverse different users on different URLs/pages and can experiment for further improvement with a single ad for five links.

In short, PPC or CPC are not for lazy people and people who believe that only spending money is solving all problems of advertisements. Here you need to spend time along with money and should learn things in advance before your competitors do anything.

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