Trace Mobile data using Google Analytics

In order to beat stiff competitions, businesses are craving for the data about the behaviors of their users on web and mobile applications. Considering such demands market is offering various tools and technologies to collect data efficiently. However, we all can’t afford such 3rd party paid tools as individual businesses, unless we are SEO services with numbers of clienteles.


Make smart presentations

Today we had to design a website for a financial industry client, where everywhere tabular data were scattered and making appearance ugly. Chris made several attempts repeatedly in excel sheet to decorate tables with different ways, but were failed to make some robust solution of the data presentation.

At last, he approached me for final solution. I took a glance over the data and found that there are numbers in a set rhythm. I suggested him to devise agreeable class intervals for chart formation. Fortunately, he succeeds to formulate a comprehensive bar chart in vertical presentations. Now data were looking more beautiful without distractions in web page appearance.

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