Critical role of digital strategy in modern era

When somebody tells about the strategy, I perceive a broad view in terms of businesses because we need overall business strategy, marketing strategy, management strategy, and so on various strategies involved in the success of the businesses. Therefore, the term digital strategy is confusing my conscious any way that how that fit in businesses and how effective it proves.


Design the Checkout Optimization for E-Store

However, we design e-commerce store with set targets of conversion and subsequent loyalty. During entire conversion funnel perhaps the checkout step is the most vulnerable one as per the recent surveys on the experiences of major e-commerce players.

Despite the complete implementation of all modern e-commerce designing and programming standards, we observe higher abandon rate during checkout process. Therefore, today I would like to discuss one or two important things on this topic with you. Therefore, as an e-store designer, you can use UI elements like texts, icons, and symbols effectively in order to overcome all possible apprehensions and objections, which are coming into the way of user journey without overwhelming them.

In due course, you can take following effective actions:


Plan Productive Conversations

When we are going to do effective branding, we never are restricting up to creation of logo and throw some ads on Internet and in our offline resources. However, marketing is broad term and consisting varying components from multiple disciplines so today I would like to restrict up to the internet and web designers in particular.

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