For Content Writer Who is Struggling with Google Algorithm

According to Moz (SEOMoz) Google is changing its algorithm 500 times in a year. Well, this is worrisome thing for SEO professionals, but what about writers who write content for the web. Is it possible for them to react on each change? Never, and they cannot do it at all. Thus, what course do you think about a content writer? Let’s try to get answers of these questions in this post.


Bring Functional Beauty Along with User Experiences

We all know one fact that we are starving for attention of our targeted users on the web for our web products. Our competitive market forces us to create products that are attrselected and compelling to grab the instant attentions of our users. In other words, we need to beautify our products with various ways and concepts like visually appealing design, giving it an aesthetic look, etc.

However, our eye candy graphics and beautiful UI elements alone are not sufficient to meet our website or web application’s goals such as conversion or deliver our messages righteously through beautiful information architecture. Thus, you simply have question that what we need additionally. Well, common psychological principles are teaching us that every user comes with an intention and if our product is meeting that intention they perceive it as a useful one otherwise, they abandon immediately without making further interactions.


Useful Fireworks Extensions

Graphics designing tools are essential arsenals for all sorts of web and mobile designers and developers. No doubt, Photoshop is an indispensable tool for graphics designers, but Fireworks is aiding web designers explicitly, for rapid and web optimized graphics including images. Therefore, today I am going to throw lights on some useful extensions like Aaron Beall’s Modify command, which is more powerful and rapid to accomplish series of modification through presets.


Opportunities for Webdesigners

Our general perception regarding the marketing of our website is to do SEO or hand over it to the Internet marketing team. Do you imagine any role of web designers in the marketing? Let me depict this vital aspect of marketing in this post.

At present Google and Bing both put stress on the quality of the website so basically user friendly approach of website designing matters more here where UX and usability has their own places to bring and keep visitors on the site and convert them into loyal patrons.

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