For Content Writer Who is Struggling with Google Algorithm

According to Moz (SEOMoz) Google is changing its algorithm 500 times in a year. Well, this is worrisome thing for SEO professionals, but what about writers who write content for the web. Is it possible for them to react on each change? Never, and they cannot do it at all. Thus, what course do you think about a content writer? Let’s try to get answers of these questions in this post.


User Acquisition and Conversion through Storytelling

Our human race is fond of stories so you will find good stories have carved on the walls of the ancient caves, pyramids, temples, mosques, and churches everywhere across the world. Why do people like stories?

As storytelling are the most effective techniques to deliver messages effectively and compel people to take desired actions. Therefore, it is evolving with time. First hand drawn pictures, cartoons, then song and lyrics and now in modern age we have plenty of ways to describe our stories like texts, audios, movies, videos, etc. multimedia ways.


Plan Productive Conversations

When we are going to do effective branding, we never are restricting up to creation of logo and throw some ads on Internet and in our offline resources. However, marketing is broad term and consisting varying components from multiple disciplines so today I would like to restrict up to the internet and web designers in particular.

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