For Content Writer Who is Struggling with Google Algorithm

According to Moz (SEOMoz) Google is changing its algorithm 500 times in a year. Well, this is worrisome thing for SEO professionals, but what about writers who write content for the web. Is it possible for them to react on each change? Never, and they cannot do it at all. Thus, what course do you think about a content writer? Let’s try to get answers of these questions in this post.


Critical role of digital strategy in modern era

When somebody tells about the strategy, I perceive a broad view in terms of businesses because we need overall business strategy, marketing strategy, management strategy, and so on various strategies involved in the success of the businesses. Therefore, the term digital strategy is confusing my conscious any way that how that fit in businesses and how effective it proves.


Trace Mobile data using Google Analytics

In order to beat stiff competitions, businesses are craving for the data about the behaviors of their users on web and mobile applications. Considering such demands market is offering various tools and technologies to collect data efficiently. However, we all can’t afford such 3rd party paid tools as individual businesses, unless we are SEO services with numbers of clienteles.

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