For Content Writer Who is Struggling with Google Algorithm

According to Moz (SEOMoz) Google is changing its algorithm 500 times in a year. Well, this is worrisome thing for SEO professionals, but what about writers who write content for the web. Is it possible for them to react on each change? Never, and they cannot do it at all. Thus, what course do you think about a content writer? Let’s try to get answers of these questions in this post.

Create Search Acquisition Strategy, Not Reselected Approaches

If you have knowledge of search engine history and vision for the real targets of search engines, you probably won’t struggle with search engine changes, be it Google, Bing, or any other search engine. For instance, search giant Google has started counter acting against the search algorithm manipulation tactics in year 2012 and introduce drastic changes through Penguin and Panda versions.

In 2013, it has introduced Hummingbird changes in order to improve the quality of content and its relevancy. Moreover, it has advanced its search features and functionality through voice search introduction. Now search engines understand queries in form of entire question sentence instead of breaking them in to keywords and parsing them individually.

At first glance, it seems a little change, but it is a big leap in terms of algorithm because it can now understand the relevancy and show complete detachment from keyword based content quality credentials. After all, search engines are devoted to provide satisfaction to its searcher by showing the most relevant results for their queries. Therefore, our content should be targeting the readers and their satisfactions, not bots.

Content Quality Credentials

Therefore, I would like to advice my content writer friends to focus completely on the quality of content in terms of

  • Relevancy: be relevant to your subject

  • Show authority: give subject specific thoughts and show your expertise and unique analysis on your subject matter. You should establish your dominancy and leadership in your niche or industry.

  • In-Depth content: be informative and provide latest trends, technological information, and your vision of future in your content. Don’t look at word count of keyword densities instead think about LSI keywords that come naturally in your writing

  • Use proper and good language: simple grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, improper use of language, etc. will spoil your image and admirations in your targeted audiences

  • Be Unique: people are always in search of something unique and innovative, something that is not available at anywhere. Therefore, always avoid duplicate content at any cost and come up with new ideas, of your own, do not be copycat

  • Use Modern Tools: facts and figures are attrselected so data presentation makes a lot sense when you gather real data and show with the help of modern tools like graphs, bars, charts, images, audio, and sometime with video

  • Solve Problems: visitors are coming on the website to solve their problems so always focus on solving their problems instead, telling irrelevant stories or about you or your company. I think giving some tutorials or product walkthrough can make much difference in this multimedia era. Similarly, smartly placing their most possible questions and their answers in form of frequently asked questions (FAQ) format is a wise step toward educating your audience.

  • Make Decent Presentation: Simply writing texts and placing images anywhere in between them is not proving intuitive despite your high quality content. Therefore, designing decent layout of your content and placing images carefully makes some sense. Bulleted content are easy to scan. Short paragraphs are quick to read. Attrselected titles and subtitles or headings make your content more alluring. Use of bold and italics texts grab immediate attentions towards important messages.

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