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We are creating websites with greater care in designing and coding. Our main intentions behind the website are set well in terms of website goals like conversion. In due course, we define our marketing strategies, mostly in conventional ways like spending on SEO and SMO.

In majority of cases, we meet a failure and we have to brainstorm the web strategies again. Therefore, today I am going to discuss the most occurring mistake in the web strategy pyramid, the lack of focus on quality content and set it as the foundation of the web strategy pyramid.

Content at the Foundation of Pyramid

You simply ask that why you are stressing to put content at the foundation of the pyramid not the usability or SEO, or SMO. Well, you may know that when a user comes on our website, she definitely has her goal/s. Therefore, she first looks that whether you give her whatever she wants indeed.

Now tell me how you will say yes we have that. Yes, you have only one way and that is content, whether textual, images, sound or video/animation can convey your message effectively. That is why I am putting much stress on the content and texts in particular.

Should Have Comprehensive Content

Well, tell me that what you are doing when you are talking with some person in real world and try to convey your thoughts to her. You will use the language, which she can understand and note her facial expressions that whether she get you or not.

Unfortunately, on web we can’t get instant feedbacks like that. Therefore, we have to run some research before beginning the content writing. I would like to say it define the persona of your target audience, means you have to know the language, tone, culture, likeness, comprehensive abilities, etc. of your target audience and try to write most comprehensive content that they can understand. Avoid words fluffing and jargons.

Create Content for Web

Since we are creating content for the web not for print brochure so we should keep one thing clearly in our mind that on the web people have less time and Internet is not free. Therefore, people are always in hurry and want content in short-and-sweet manner so they can easily scan them.

We have ways to make content easy to scan such as:

  1. Use of bullets and numbers

  2. Use of headings, sub-headings,/titles, and sub-titles effectively

  3. Short and easy to read paragraphs (Here you don’t need to finish sentence grammatically perfect, just convey your message righteously)

  4. Use images more instead of plenty of words

  5. Use bold, italics, underline and other highlighting methods to emphasis keywords or key phrases in your content

Today our web is ubiquitous and accessible on various devices from multiple sizes of screens. Therefore, we can’t rely on the desktop audiences only and we need to learn how smartphone or tablet users read the content and scan them rapidly. For instance, mobile user will like to scroll content vertically more instead of scrolling horizontally so lengthy content is welcome, but wide layout in prohibited.

Same the way we need to create different set of content if your website have separate mobile only website. However, today responsive web design is trendy so we need not go for that extra exercise.

We have seen that we can assure success through setting content at the base of the web strategy pyramid because content is the foundation of all SEO, SMO and other Internet marketing strategies. We also have explored that we should have content comprehensive to our targeted audience and web friendly so our visitors can read them and scan them easily.

Now, we will look further and explore remaining point in this last part.

Quality Content In Terms Of Language

Good language is a highly desirable aspect in the marketing because we carry effectively our messages to our targeted audience only when we use correct and standard language in terms of grammar, spellings, punctuations, syntax, colloquial and standard phrases, etc.

If your content writer has not trained nor has enough knowledge of the language of the targeted audience there are more chance to carry wrong message and create itching among the readers.

Relevant To the Subject/Target of the Website

When you prepare content you should clear your concepts first that for which subject are you writing content and you keep track righteously during designing content flow so your readers never feel going off-track while they consuming your content. Thus, relevancy of your content with your targets of website is the main attribute to the conversion.

Compelling To Trigger Actions on SEO and SMO Channels

Fundamentally, the success of SEO and SMO campaigns are relying on the actions of the visitors that lead them to the final goal of conversion. The success behind this is the compelling content that compels your visitors to take intended actions and if your foundation content and not designed or written in such manner/action oriented then you have deemed chances to get success on SEO and SMO platforms.

Usable Content

This is a basic requirement because your visitors are coming with some expectations and you have to fulfill their needs through your content. If you tell useless stories or put fluff words they might think that we are wasting their time and they will abandon the site immediately.

Excellent Layout

Here my intention is to tell about the presentation of content. There are hierarchies for good presentation of content and you should learn. Most of the people in the world start reading from left and on the top and go to the right side of the page and bottom so place important and highlighting content first at left and top of the page.

Prepare content blocks smartly so readers can scan them easily and see relevancy with the images to texts.

Best Typography

Today we have innumerable fonts and typefaces available so appropriate selection matters more before going to CSS. Leaving enough whitespace, set appropriate line height, making important keywords bold, italic, and underline as per need are making your content more user-friendly and aesthetically superb.

Written With SEO Perspectives

We are not creating content for only living audience, but search engines like robots are there for consumption so focus on: keywords, titles, H-tags, etc. There are certain SEO perspectives that will make your content search engine friendly without intimidating readers. Latest Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird updates facilitate you to create natural content for your reader; just keep excellent quality in mind. Therefore, you need not to twist your content for SEO as before we did.

Sharable On Social Media

If your content is not sharable on social networking sites and not include the interesting and rapidly consumable multimedia formats there are meaningless SMO campaign for you and wastage or time and energy. Therefore, create highly compelling, interesting, and intuitive content so other social circles may like them.

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