User Acquisition and Conversion through Storytelling

Our human race is fond of stories so you will find good stories have carved on the walls of the ancient caves, pyramids, temples, mosques, and churches everywhere across the world. Why do people like stories?

As storytelling are the most effective techniques to deliver messages effectively and compel people to take desired actions. Therefore, it is evolving with time. First hand drawn pictures, cartoons, then song and lyrics and now in modern age we have plenty of ways to describe our stories like texts, audios, movies, videos, etc. multimedia ways.

Today I am going to describe various storytelling techniques in some good and effective storytelling techniques in modern era through web and their obvious benefits in our web designing and web development projects.

Technique #1: Text

Perhaps text is the ancient language of the web and still gaining momentum through evolution of typography and presentation techniques of content on the Internet.

Some Hard-Facts about the Text:

  • It is ubiquitous on the web so any kind of website is suitable for textual content

  • It is light in KBs so performance enhancer

  • People hardly read 30% words of total words placed on a web page

  • People scan the text, not read entire web page

  • It is not the most engaging type of content

How to Get the Most from the Text in our Web Development:

  • Make your story personal through many ways like inducing informal tone yet keep it short and sweet

  • Make it scan easy using heading, sub-heading, bullets & numbers, short Para, ample white spaces, quotes, bold, italics, underline, etc.

  • Induce legitimate and innocent fun

  • Bring some obscurity

  • Become provocative

  • Apply any modern techniques to grab readers’ attentions

Technique #2: Visuals

It said that one picture is worth a thousand words since centuries in our human civilization. Do you know scientific reason behind this quote? Our neuroscience says that our brains process an image 60K times faster than the texts describing the same. Why don’t we take advantages of such effective medium by mingling with other multimedia components like text and audio?

Definitely, we can tell our stories more effectively on the web using

  1. Optimized quality images, drawing vector sketches, illustrations, graphs, charts, etc. in order to reduce the boredom of rigid statistical data

  2. We can amalgamate few texts with deeply grained background images because background images bring certain moods and supplement texts to tell your stories short and sweet ways

  3. We can use infographics to communicate a lengthy story on modern viral social media like Facebook and Pinterest by holding lot of information in very little texts and visuals.

Technique #3: Animations

We humans are emotional animals so our decisions are more emotion based rather than logical. Animations are creating acute emotions besides providing entertainment. Therefore, telling our stories through animation makes our audience engaging in modern high tech-era by incorporating other ingredients in our recipes like:

  • Fun

  • Scariness

  • Heartwarming

  • Smooth and seamless experiences of adding motions in your stories using latest technologies and tools

Thus, animations are more effective than the static images and more engaging than only audios as well as more efficient to hook people frequently than one-time effective videos. You have ample scope to use parallax-scrolling techniques to make your storytelling techniques more effective in case of animations because it allows you to produce your stories more engaging and interselected ways where people walkthrough your story in their own pace.

You can create different layers with different scrolling behaviors in order to responding your audiences to generate a sense of depth though you have amalgamated multiple story lines in a web page.

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