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We web developers have to play multiple roles. Once we finish our web development process, we have to provide consultancy services to our patrons, for hosting solution providers in particular.

This one is, a natural, and expected phenomenon because our patrons will expect technically sound advice to meet their hosting needs. Therefore, today I have initiated this hosting related consultancy series for you in favor of yourself as well as your patrons.

Advice No. 1: Pay Worth the Quality You Get

In our real world, there is a hard-core reality “we get whatever we pay for it”. Thus, before tempting to hit the cheapest provider you should think that what a real requirement of your patrons is. If your client has small website with limited traffic possibility in coming years, you may have plenty of opportunities to go for bargaining and secure the cheapest web-hosting provider with top quality services.

However, for complex and large project like a big e-commerce store, you can’t select them and you need to go for dedicated hosting solutions under the umbrella of your bespoken needs and your future expansions.

There are numerous features to consider such as:

  • Backups

  • SSH options

  • Uptime

  • Payment option

  • Database options

  • Additional domain and parked domain options

  • cPanel and FTP account related options

  • money back guarantee and most importantly support type

Advice No. 2: Bargain for Greater Uptime

Up time is obscure at measurement, but we can take help of modern analytical tools and past statistical data from the hosting providers and can throw some lights on it. I think you may have noticed that many hosts are claiming 100% uptime. Do you think in reality is it possible? Perhaps not, as you may have accidental problems from exterior factors, or from technical glitches.

Sometime providers should shutdown particular server or servers for periodic maintenance so we can expect just 99.9% uptime at last and select them against the claims of 95% uptime providers. If you have hard time find suitable one you can take help of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to cross check their claims.

Advice No. 3: Select Wisely—Shared or Dedicated Server

Most of the cheapest hosting packages are falling in shared categories of servers where thousands of different websites are sharing a single server. Apparently that is not bad at all if you can reduce the cost of hosting charges, but you or your client may have trouble in performance, downtime in particular. As some websites have pick period of traffic and it synchronize with yours so your visitors of websites will suffer.

The second most important thing is vulnerability of shared servers against the malicious attacks. Since you can’t use high security measures for your particular needs or database type because you have different nature of neighbor websites. Google like search engines also count the bad neighbors in their ranking algorithm, particularly who shares your IP address illegally.

Advice No. 4: Bargain for Outstanding Support

Many hosts claim for greater support and offer 24X7X365 phone call support. Do you think a phone call is enough to depict the problems you are experiencing without the knowledge of enough terminologies? What about round the clock support of emails or live chats, where you can post screen shots of your problems and can keep record of your conversations with host particularly when your host is claiming big in support things.

Advice No. 5: Bunk the Myths

When your patrons ask for your advice against the many unlimited things offered by other hosts than you are suggesting, you need to bunk these myths with perfect knowledge.

Remember, there is nothing like Unlimited. There is neither unlimited bandwidth possible, nor the disk space. Same the way you can’t opt for unlimited email accounts otherwise you will end up with limited mailbox size and will fall in upgrade size traps.

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