Critical role of digital strategy in modern era

When somebody tells about the strategy, I perceive a broad view in terms of businesses because we need overall business strategy, marketing strategy, management strategy, and so on various strategies involved in the success of the businesses. Therefore, the term digital strategy is confusing my conscious any way that how that fit in businesses and how effective it proves.

Therefore, let’s today run a debate over digital strategy topic so we can see some useful insights and its concurrency.

Pre-Digital Era

Before the spread of computers, Internet, and digital devices, we were practicing branding, marketing, and business management through conventional old methods using print and traditional advertising media. Our reach and speed for all such tasks were limited.

Digital Era

Today the overall scenario has been changed and we have to think unique and innovative ways to reach as well as effectively convince our targeted audience. We have to express voice of our bottom level staff or work force in our business planning, policy making, and functioning/implementing. In plain words, we are living in BYOD era where multiple devices and electronic gadgets are playing vital parts in the business and its growth.

Today our offices are paperless and people using digital devices freely instead, banking on environmentally hazardous print material like paper and plastics. Thus, formulating digital strategy is inevitable for all small to enterprise level businesses and industries. Therefore, we can plan the business course, create digital infrastructure, and chart a path of our business development for an ever growing and uncertain future of digital devices.

Components Influencing Digital Strategy

There are various components involved in the formation and implementation of digital strategy and we need to address them adequately in our business strategies in all fronts.

Technical Infrastructure

We have to think about the digital devices, which are currently in use like PCs, laptops, and other handheld devices using intranet as well as Internet and wireless transmissions. For long future, we can’t rely on present digital infrastructure so we need to formulate a policy that support the introduction of new inventions on digital sphere and easily integrate them in our business processes.

Online Strategy

Responsive Web

Internet is ubiquitous so our Internet presence is vital for big desktop like devices as well as small handheld devices like smartphones and tablets, which are accessing our business through various means of Internet access. Thus, inclusion of responsive website design is not a kooky idea at all. If you can afford mobile specific website or web application, that is far better option.

Social Media Marketing Planning

However, online strategy never restricted up to the creation of mere website or a web application, we should have insight of other online tactics working for our business and its expansion of its reach. For instance, we can say social media planning. On modern social media, we can take advantages of modern tech-savvy and social networking maniac new generation.

For instance, we have different audience of Facebook than that on the Twitter so our gift or coupon offers work different ways for different audiences and we have to formulate them accordingly. Pinterest and Instagram are suitable for some particular businesses, which are mainly banking on images of their products whereas blogs are common solutions for all.

Persona for Digital Strategy

As above discussed, we have plenty of opportunities to reach at the vast audience through multiple ways and multiple devices with infinite fragmentations on hardware as well as software sides. Therefore, our audience is divided in number of segments based on various parameters.

Thus, formulating our persona is a daunting task, but not impossible. If we successfully define our business goals and iterate persona over the time and with thechanges in the market we never have difficulties to create an obvious roadmap for our digital planning and its strategy formulation.

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