Keep Your Users Happy by Effective Web Designing

Today I am going to present something that is only interesting for the selected class of people. My advices are, for the clients, who really desire the success and for those designers who are committed to the quality delivery, instead of just moving projects quickly and cheaply as mediocre work.

Any project on the web or mobile finally focuses on the end users and their needs. Therefore, target audience research is at the bottom of the pyramid of the project process. Once you have complete idea about the persona of your website or web application, you can design everything to please them and according meet their needs. Today I shall give you hints based on common sense not much technicality.

Design or Create Conventions

We all know very well that our users experience frustrations when something odd has placed or happens on the website. Their actions and interactions are according to their previous experiences on the similar kinds of other websites. These prevailing standards of experiences are termed as conventions and they come into existence after long period or by the initiatives of the famous and viral websites.

Thus, abruptly breaking conventions in designing is a sin so we need to take smart and careful approaches if we are intending something innovative and unique for our user experience designing. If you are an avid game designer, you probably know the rules of teaching game play to your audience introducing intricacy step-by-step.

Therefore, your UI design should be such a way that your user can get clue of the next step during the flow of your UI or processes of app. You need to figure out intelligently that how your users will use your cool features and your unique UI elements. Your onboarding process must lead your users to learn and love your website or web application. Some sort of admirations should come into the mind of the users after knowing that why you have created such masterpiece. Do you want to know how those admirations will come?

  • When you give them tips through visual cues or textual tips like on mouse curser

  • When you place some sorts of tutorials or guidance at the beginning or on the first interaction they will feel happiness

  • By offering smart assistance for navigation and guide them on each critical step/stage

  • By avoiding boring experiences through creation of live user engagements and put something exciting to push your users to learn something new each time.

Make Interactions Live and Communicative

Today we are using fast connectivity and processing power therefore, our expectations are set for rapid interactions on browsers or on the interface of the application. Thus, we feel boring when something goes slowly like downloading on the web. How do you feel those dead moments with some kinds of interests or compelling our users to keep patients?

Well, there are many ways to do so. For instance, you can show downloading progress bar or show curser in some processing mode, etc. We can guide our users in advance about the next process when they are going to click any UI element or button. Such onboarding steps will save your users to lose interest and abandoning your website or web application before attaining your goals and theirs.

Make User Journey Pleasant

If you design your product such a way that your users feel excitements and remain curious about their goals, you are near to the definite success in achieving good conversion rate. Of course, you can make your navigation system or design UI elements that give experiences that users have discovered something first than others and offer user friendly gestures and cool transitions during user journey.

Do you have some more ideas to user happy through effective designing? Please be kind enough to share here.

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