Opportunities for Webdesigners

Our general perception regarding the marketing of our website is to do SEO or hand over it to the Internet marketing team. Do you imagine any role of web designers in the marketing? Let me depict this vital aspect of marketing in this post.

At present Google and Bing both put stress on the quality of the website so basically user friendly approach of website designing matters more here where UX and usability has their own places to bring and keep visitors on the site and convert them into loyal patrons.

Apart from these basic works, we can offer some additional helps in the marketing of the website in order to bring more traffic such as:

By Creating Infographics

Infographics is a pure work of designer and partial of content/copy writer. In infographics, we can show our creativity to convey more complex message/stuff in an easy to digest manner. You can enable readers/visitors to comprehend your visual message within fractions of time. Just at a glance.

We have Pinterest, Facebook, and Stumble Upon like opportunities to depict intricate sets of information in pleasing and attrselected manner, easy to scan and comprehend in front of worldwide audience. If you want to push your boundaries further, you can go to galleries like and


We know human nature well in a manner when something is available for-free. People rush to secure their bite, first. Don’t you like to take advantage of this behavior in favor of your website uplift? There are plenty of ways to increase our website or our patrons’ websites offering some useful yet alluring freebies. For instance:

  • Themes like WordPress/opensource software themes

Themes and templates are highly popular among the web developer community because they are reducing tons of initial work to create a base from the scratch for further customization. It save our valuable time and resources at one hand and offer cheaper options at other hand.

If you are smart enough, you can put some banners or links on the download page of your freebies and can get favor of the vast website designer community. Personally, I believe that if people like your work and admire your endeavors to add some value in their business they definitely will send tons of traffic to your website.

  • Plugins, extensions and widgets for free

The same plank for other freebies can work such as you can put some unique and innovative plugins, extensions, components, and widgets on the freebies websites with links pointing towards your main website. Here, not only web designers can add value in the marketing, but also the web programmers as creating plugins, extensions, and widgets is not only job of web designers, but web developers can accomplish that beautifully.

  • Wallpapers

If you intend to catch traffic, other than web developers or designer from by-and-large audience, you have something interesting for them too. Thus, I consider wallpapers as the great candidates for these purposes. You have enough room to grab different audience by creating wallpapers for different range of devices such as:

  1. Desktops: You can cover 27” monitor (2560X1440) to 20” (1600X1200) size wallpapers

  2. Laptops: 14” (1440X900)

  3. Mobiles/Smartphones: for Android devices 854X960 and for iOS/iPhone 640X960 to 640X1136 for iPhone 5 version

  4. Tablets: for iPad 1024X1024 and something

Custom Article Layout

Apart from freebies, you can attract more traffic by creating custom layouts for your blogs or article where you post the off-page SEO content or blogging on your own website. Here you find yourself free from the restrictions to add sharable widgets or social media widgets as per your desires in some custom ways.

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