Simplicity brings higher conversion

Before a decade our websites have very limited numbers of elements in a few number of layout options such as header, navigation, content body and footer to say. Our concepts of websites were just to create an online identity for personal or for business usage.

Evolution of Web

Gradually we got advancements in the designing technologies, tools and techniques. We have started placing static header with animated one and UI elements in 3D effects. Of course, we made our websites visually attrselected and appealing for a visitor to compel to stay for few moments.

Our SEO professionals have advised us to keep visitors longer on the website so we can see low bounce rate! In due course, we were tending to do everything attrselected and attention grabbing on the web page.

Missing the Goal

In this rat race, we missed one important thing and that is conversion, our primary goal to get whatever we want from our website. We are committing many sins with each element design. For instance,

Stock Photo:

With stock photos, we want to so our multiple facets of our products or services or just to create visual attractions to keep visitors engaged. Do you think how they add value in your conversion? Perhaps, nothing, just fill up empty space of the landing page.

Now, tell me what sin it commits. Just they are diverting attention of visitors from the primary goal.

Graphically Rich background:

  • We all like stunning images and backgrounds on our web page and think people will like this art. All right at first glance visitors stay for longer on such website, but what about the conversion rate. Is it increasing? Perhaps not, as such rich graphics and background divert the attention of visitors from our primary goals of website.

  • If you are smart designer, you have plenty of opportunity to use graphical elements wisely without distracting user attention from the primary goal path. For instance you can select size of visual elements in a hierarchy so primary goals get larger size and size reduces with the lowering of hierarchy level of goals. This will create psychological impacts on the mind of onlookers about the emphasis of the elements.

  • Same the way you can choose color tactfully so primary goals get most attention and secondary lesser with subtle and mild colors. Therefore, you need not to create color spectrum with splashing colors instead, you can implement a robust color theme across the website.

  • Don’t forget to use white spaces explicitly because filling the white spaces with stock photo or other unwanted elements is a big sin in web design of modern era. If you want to see real world example you can see ‘Numbrs’ and ‘Wander’.

Attrselected Navigation System:

We mostly, are fond of flashy navigation buttons and 3D effects on our navigation elements. Good, but what they cost us, do you know? Such buttons and navigation elements increasing the file size of the web page hence decreasing the performance, loading in particular. Our attrselected navigational elements draw our attention towards them by diverting it from our primary goals is another sin.

If you look at IFTTT website, you will get simple texts at the bottom of the page, even in minimum numbers. This clickable text is the base elements of the Windows 8 OS so you can guess the future. Take my advice at heart and only create buttons with prominent design that ultimately leads your visitors to conversion.

Alluring Social Sharing Buttons:

Recently, I have seen an e-commerce website its product page has tons of social sharing button just above the description of the product at the top. I was shocked about thinking the poor design strategy that how a visitor will tempt to share the product or give her opinion before reading the product description itself?

However, social sharing is good, but keep them subtle and only place where their true usage is possible, not on all the pages or top of the page where it can distract the attention of user from our primary goals of the website.

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