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SEO in 2014: New Google's Algorithm Updates

  • Published in SEO

Today we are facing a great dilemma on the horizon of SEO practices due to drastic algorithm changes in major search giants Google and Bing. Recent changes through Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird in Google have created big questions on our SEO practices.


Trace Mobile data using Google Analytics

  • Published in Mobile

In order to beat stiff competitions, businesses are craving for the data about the behaviors of their users on web and mobile applications. Considering such demands market is offering various tools and technologies to collect data efficiently. However, we all can’t afford such 3rd party paid tools as individual businesses, unless we are SEO services with numbers of clienteles.


Useful Fireworks Extensions

Graphics designing tools are essential arsenals for all sorts of web and mobile designers and developers. No doubt, Photoshop is an indispensable tool for graphics designers, but Fireworks is aiding web designers explicitly, for rapid and web optimized graphics including images. Therefore, today I am going to throw lights on some useful extensions like Aaron Beall’s Modify command, which is more powerful and rapid to accomplish series of modification through presets.


Importance of content

We are creating websites with greater care in designing and coding. Our main intentions behind the website are set well in terms of website goals like conversion. In due course, we define our marketing strategies, mostly in conventional ways like spending on SEO and SMO.


Repeat customer for your Mobile App

  • Published in Mobile

Congratulation, your mobile app is getting good downloading rate as soon as it published in the App market place. Now, you are following all marketing techniques to get a stable downloading rate for longer.


Simplicity brings higher conversion

Before a decade our websites have very limited numbers of elements in a few number of layout options such as header, navigation, content body and footer to say. Our concepts of websites were just to create an online identity for personal or for business usage.


Research hosting provider

  • Published in Server

We web developers have to play multiple roles. Once we finish our web development process, we have to provide consultancy services to our patrons, for hosting solution providers in particular.

This one is, a natural, and expected phenomenon because our patrons will expect technically sound advice to meet their hosting needs. Therefore, today I have initiated this hosting related consultancy series for you in favor of yourself as well as your patrons.


Opportunities for Webdesigners

Our general perception regarding the marketing of our website is to do SEO or hand over it to the Internet marketing team. Do you imagine any role of web designers in the marketing? Let me depict this vital aspect of marketing in this post.

At present Google and Bing both put stress on the quality of the website so basically user friendly approach of website designing matters more here where UX and usability has their own places to bring and keep visitors on the site and convert them into loyal patrons.


Plan Productive Conversations

When we are going to do effective branding, we never are restricting up to creation of logo and throw some ads on Internet and in our offline resources. However, marketing is broad term and consisting varying components from multiple disciplines so today I would like to restrict up to the internet and web designers in particular.


Make smart presentations

Today we had to design a website for a financial industry client, where everywhere tabular data were scattered and making appearance ugly. Chris made several attempts repeatedly in excel sheet to decorate tables with different ways, but were failed to make some robust solution of the data presentation.

At last, he approached me for final solution. I took a glance over the data and found that there are numbers in a set rhythm. I suggested him to devise agreeable class intervals for chart formation. Fortunately, he succeeds to formulate a comprehensive bar chart in vertical presentations. Now data were looking more beautiful without distractions in web page appearance.

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